Hello. My name is Adrian Graham. I live in England. I write fiction. In 2019 I completed an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London.



I am currently writing a new novel. In some ways it’s a departure from what I’ve been doing in the past. And in other ways it’s a continuation. (It’s a science fiction genre story.)

So far, the writing has come relatively easily. (The easiest it’s been so far, which is saying something.) The whole process feels natural. And I’m pleased with the protagonist.

That’s it for now. It’s a work in progress.



iPhone camera, 2020

I enjoy taking photos. Most of the photos I take these days are with an iPhone. They’re family snapshots. I do still take ‘creative’ photos now and again. It’s nice to be visually creative. With photography you get an almost instantaneous result. That’s very satisfying. View photos.


I create music as a fun distraction. Part of the pleasure comes from knowing that there’s no pressure to deliver a ‘product’. Just having fun — musical noodling — is a liberating experience in itself. Listen to music.



My blog is my personal scratchpad. It’s the world viewed through the lens of writing, stories and storytelling. A mishmash that reflects my interests. The films I’m watching. The books I’m reading. Observations about writing, and the writing process. Visit blog.

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