‘Turbo Kid’

Turbo Kid (2015) is probably the bloodiest film I’ve ever seen (followed by Mandy, 2018). It’s a homage to the kind of 80s ‘video nasty’ that I used to hire from the local video store when I was at school. Somehow, I managed to rent them out unchallenged, even though I wasn’t technically old enough to hire X’ rated movies (as they were then designated). Anything less than an ‘X’ rated film seemed… pointless. At the time, there was a kind of connoisseurship of horror film video special effects with realism taking the prestigious top slot. How my tastes have changed over the years!

The violence in Turbo Kid is comic-book with ridiculous levels of spurting blood and dismembering. The film is a weird mishmash of retro-nostalgia with its cheesy 1980s music, blood-fest gore, and sentimental boy meets girl storyline. The alternate ‘future’ 1997 is a nod to ET and Power Rangers. The characters go around on push bikes, even the baddies (who resemble every cliché of characters from an old Max Max film) have pimped push bikes.