‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The Rise of Skywalker (2019) is the final J J Abrams Star Wars film and the final film in the Star Wars series.

It has to tie together a number of loose ends and bring the Star Wars story to a conclusion. Its satisfaction rating is one of the lowest of the Star Wars films. On Rotten Tomatoes is has a satisfaction rating of 51% (based on 507 reviews).

The first half of the film seems unnecessarily complicated. It chops and changes from one scene to another (although this is arguably a Star Wars trait — parallel storylines and the wipe cut from one part of the story to another). The first half of the movie feels like a tease, making the audience wait for the real story to begin.

The Rise of Skywalker includes the usual Star Wars themes of family obligation, father and child relationships — blood bonds, versus characters choosing to be on the side of good or the side of hate.

This Star Wars film has a touch of the superhero genre about it, Lord of the Rings, and even Frankenstein. What marrs The Rise of Skywalker more than anything is its eagerness to be a global product for a global audience.

The overly complicated first half is built around making the film a story with global appeal. To do this, it has to spend time introducing characters that reflect a worldwide audience. The studio was no doubt hoping to replicate the success of Avatar which did incredibly well in Asia. But in trying to please a lucrative global audience it’s lost something.