Background to the Project

In 2007 I set up a small press called Magic Box Press. Magic Box Press published a collection of my very short stories: The Revelation: And a Hundred Other Stories. This was a way of exploring the dynamics (and economics) of operating a small press and producing a professional (trade quality) print and ebook publication.

Further publications of work by other writers were envisaged, but I decided not to go ahead. The project provided an instructive experience — one that made me appreciate the realities of the publishing business.

About the Stories

The short stories in The Revelation: And a Hundred Other Stories are only 200 to 250 words long. They were written in 2006 and 2007. I wrote them in rapid bursts (‘Flash Fiction’), without much further editing. In the printed book, each story cascaded across two pages. The need to turn the page gave the text a sense of physical motion (and it hid the ending from immediate view).

The stories have multiple influences: ‘pulp fiction’, comedy gags, the absurd, stream-of-consciousness, minimalism, reductivism, nonsense verse, the remix, surealism, horror (Twilight Zone), computer games, fables, slice-of-life vignetts, and character portraits. It’s a mish-mash that’s kept uniform by using a consistent format. Some of the stories are fun loving and irreverant, others are darker in tone.

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