The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog

So my last blog post was back in July, which is six months ago now. Instead of blogging, I’ve been working on a novel, which is now finished.

In a way, I’ve missed blogging, but I have also enjoyed not blogging. Blogging is a great way to work things out in your head, while the minimalist in me figures that not having to blog is a positive simplification in itself.

I can split the blog up into three distinct phases, pre-MA (2016-2017), MA (2018-2019), and post-MA (to July 2020). And now I’m thinking about doing some blogging again, I don’t want to revert to the kind of blog posts that I was writing before. They were ‘I’m figuring this out as I’m writing it’ kind of posts. I’ve done enough figuring out and I’m kinda bored of it.

I like the practice of writing blog posts, but I want the process to be fun, not some kind of an intellectual struggle. So, I’m going to mostly write about things that I’m reading and watching. Where I used to try hard to provide an objective analysis of those things, I’m going to go in the other direction and be completely subjective. I’ll be writing as a fan of the books, films, and TV series.

Also, I want to rate the stuff I’m writing about, so I’ve had some thoughts about the rating systems that I could use. I thought about a star rating between one to five stars and I’ve decided that it would be a tad formal. So, I’m using my own bespoke system instead, and it goes like this:


  • Addictive entertainment
  • Creatively remarkable
  • An outstanding achievement


  • Creatively worthy
  • Problematic in places but still an entertaining experience
  • A cultural document of its time
  • Provides an insight into the storytelling process


  • Left me feeling unsatisfied by the experience
  • Lacked a believable story or characters that failed to resonate emotionally

Not for me

  • Simply didn’t work for me (although I might not be the target audience)

    I’ll put this one down as an experiment, and see how it goes.

Please note: all ratings before this post have been retroactively applied.