‘Sky Saw’

I don’t usually discover much ‘new’ music, so when I do it’s a rare delight… A friend recently recommended some early Brian Eno where I happened on ‘Sky Saw’. I stayed away from this phase in Eno’s career when I was into ‘ambient’. I suppose the 70s vocals frightened me off. ‘Music for films’ and ‘Cluster and Eno’ are old favourites. But ‘Sky Saw’ (on ‘Another Green World’) is something. Genius even. ‘Burning Airlines Give you so Much More’ (on ‘Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy’) is great too (the comic tone and sound is reminiscent of Half Man Half Biscuit). And, of course, there’s ‘Another Green World’, the track itself (or the BBC Arena intro music as most people know it). Oh to be in an ‘art band’, noodling stuff like this live, Jazz performance style. Wouldn’t that be great?