‘Rising Sun’

Rising Sun (1993) — a tech whodunnit with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes entering a world where sex-crazed Japanese executives are taking-over corporate America, where the lifts speak Japanese, and ‘the whole country is being outsourced to Japan’.

‘We’re giving away this country,’ one Cop announces. Later, when he spots a Japanese man with an American sex worker the same Detective says, ‘They’re plundering our natural resources.’ Of course all this ‘Japanese bashing’ will get turned around by some slick detective work that makes Sherlock Holmes look like an amateur.

John Connor (Connery) is the Japan expert who has been ousted from the Police, only to be brought back in to teach a younger Detective every Western cliché he can about the Japanese. This master / novice relationship echoes Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and stories like The Name of the Rose, and Seven. It’s a recognisable crime trope.

Some of the tonal transitions are harsh, and the plot is both convoluted and obvious. Don’t ask too many questions or none of this will make any sense.

It has its moments though. One example is when a white executive assumes black Cop, Web Smith, must be the valet, and orders him to, ‘Get the senator’s car!’ Web replies, ‘No, you get the senator’s car! Wrong guy, wrong fucking century!’