Relic (2020) is an horror Indie movie about entropy. It’s about family bonds, growing old with dementia, all wrapped up in a psychological horror story. It’s not your typical horror story or your typical Indie movie, is a weird crossover between the two, part Kafkaesque literary metaphor in the vein of Enemy (2013), part family study, and part creepy atmospheric horror.

It’s a slickly produced low-budget film with appealing cinematography. The colour science is especially well done, mimicking old family snapshot prints produced by film cameras in days gone by. It has an earthy, muted and muddy colour palette.

Relic is a clever and subtle film. It’s received a high 92% (based on 222 reviews) critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but its leisurely pace and slightly incongruous thematic cocktail didn’t quite work for me.