‘Raised by Wolves’

This was one of those TV series that I sort of knew I was going to like, before I even watched it. It’s Ridley Scott directing the first two episodes, and they’re remarkable, pure storytelling mastery.

There’s a lot to like here, the visual look of the series, intriguing ideas, great special effects, world building, really impressive performances by all the actors. On the slight downside for me, it veered from science fiction into fantasy towards the end, and the promise of one plot outcome was nullified and turned into something else, which as shocking as it was, still felt like the original promise might have been more intriguing. There’s a little too much in the way of the horror trope ‘ghost’ character and mysterious inner voices for my liking, which we’ve seen before in Lost and the Battlestar Galactica reboot. These few downsides are easily forgiven. What will season two bring?

Verdict: Brilliant.