Prospect (2018) is a low budget science-fiction film about a father and daughter team who take a shuttle down to a planet’s surface in the search of valuable gem-like orbs. To further complicate matters the planet’s surface is covered by a toxic forrest, and no one can be trusted in this brutal environment.

This is a 1970s aesthetic, retro-styled science fiction story. Everything from the spacecraft’s interior, to the biohazard suits look 1970s. The visual treatment of the film is muted and pastel, reminding me of 1970s film stock.

Prospect has a science fiction Western feel about it. One of the characters even uses 19th Century-ish language. This is a slow, but watchable film, with some decent visuals and bursts of action.

It’s really Cee’s film (the daughter is played by Sophie Thatcher). But it feels like the actors are held back by a script that lives on the surface and fails to build empathy for the characters. The story isn’t particularly satisfying either. But as a $4 million production goes it’s a lot more watchable than films I’ve watched costing $50 million.