Hello. My name is Adrian Graham. I live in England and write fiction. Last year, I completed an MA in Creative Writing. This year, I’ve written a novel.


I enjoy taking photos. These days it’s mostly family snapshots with an iPhone. Over the summer I’ve been working on a side-project, photos of worn and peeling paint:

Worn Paintwork — 2020

Visits to art galleries and museums are great place to capture interesting images (although I haven’t done much of this lately because of the 2020 Lockdown).

Easter Island Statue — British Museum, London, 2011

I went through an amateur street photography phase a while ago. Take it from me, street photography is incredibly difficult.

Man Walking in the Rain — Bloomsbury, London, 2010

I’m drawn to the same subjects: people in streets, artworks, buildings, graffiti, close-ups of worn paint, and the natural landscapes that I walk through (especially when they have personal resonance).

Surrey Countryside — 2018

In some ways, writers write the same stories again and again, and photographers take the same photos. We keep returning to the things that fascinate us.

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