Worn Paintwork — 2020

Most of the photos I take these days are with an iPhone, and they’re family snapshots.

I used to do a fair amount of black and white photography, which was fun. Back in the analogue days, I even printed up my own images, which was incredibly satisfying but also a massive time-sponge (worse than writing, which is saying something). It’s really easy to become quite obcessive about the different kinds of film stocks, processing solutions, and printing papers.

Easter Island Statue — British Museum, London, 2011

I went through a phase of being interested in street photography. I was more of an opportunistic street photographer than someone who went out actively looking for images (which is how the pros do it).

Man Walking in the Rain — Bloomsbury, London, 2010

I’m often drawn to the same subjects, again and again: art, buildings, graffiti, trees, and natural landscapes. In some ways, writers write the same book again and again, and photographers take the same photos. We keep returning to the things that fascinate us.

Surrey Countryside — 2018