I start the day with a cup of coffee. Recently I’ve been drinking tea during the day. It’s lighter and more refreshing.

A while back my tea of choice used to be Japanese rice tea. Then I switched completely over to coffee.

Recently, I’ve started drinking Oolong tea. High quality teas are expensive and Oolongs are no exception. They are produced using a craft process that involves the specialist skills akin to wine production.

While there are some wonderful speciality Oolongs out there, like Phoenix Honey Orchid, they come at a price. At the moment I’m drinking Tie Guan Yin (Chinese Iron Goddess) from The Rare Tea Company.

Part of the fun of drinking tea is getting to use a tea pot. They are enjoyable things to own and use. I have a couple at home. A simple white porcelain tea pot and a glass one. They aren’t expensive or particularly fancy.

Drinking tea can become a meditative experience. In a world dominated by screens, switching-off and having a simple cup of tea can provide refreshment and a relaxing break.