GarageBand for iOS

I’ve been creating music on-and-off for a couple of decades. It’s something I can become immersed in, leave, and then return to at some distant point. I enjoy it as an escape, a distraction — and part of the enjoyment comes from musical noodling while knowing that there’s no pressure to deliver a ‘product’, because I have no aspiration to be a ‘musician’ or to release an album on iTunes. Just having fun is in itself a liberating feeling.

When I come back to making music, the technology has invariably changed. In the late 90s you needed a PC with a special sound card and expensive software such as Cubase. It’s become a lot more accessible now — I make all my music on an iPhone. (The only thing I do on the Mac is to convert the Apple Lossless files into Mp3.)


Tango Monkey Ultra

This Is Not The Is