Living Science Fiction

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is like something out of a low budget sci-fi film. A mysterious virus killing an anxious population, huge areas in quarantine, citizens wearing surgical masks, and medics in hazmat suits.

A scenario like this needs a few high-tech or new-speak terms… ‘Covid-19’ and ‘self-isolation’. Forced into isolation, people begin to react in different ways… introspection, claustrophobia, depression, signing opera from balconies and rooftops, some even acquiring a newfound spirituality. The scenario becomes a metaphor for a people (re)discovering their humanity. Or, at least, the protagonist discovering his/her humanity (hopefully).

There will almost certainly be a government cover-up, and possibly even an ambitious politician keen to use the moment to seize control for him/herself and begin a new dictatorship (maybe with the help of a mad general and a shady corporation headed by a megalomaniac business tycoon). Can I get in any more clichés? Probably not. But the weird thing is that all of it is true, except for this paragraph.

What happens when real life turns into science fiction?