‘Little Joe’

I watched Little Joe (2020) with an open mind. Not being sure what to expect, my only preconception was that I was watching a science fiction horror film.

Little Joe isn’t a horrific horror film like The Exorcist or, Midsommar. It’s not a disturbing shock-fest. It won’t terrify you. In some ways it’s part of a fresh wave of horror films that are not particularly frightening, but more psychological, and thoughtful. It will make you think.

To anyone under thirty, it’s a bit like a Black Mirror episode spread out over a film. To anyone over thirty it’s a bit like a Twilight Zone episode. But this comparison is a little unfair. The production values and the visual look of the film is really impressive. The colours and the cinematography makes it an easy film to watch, even when there isn’t too much going on. And the tone creates a diffreent vibe.

The handling of the subject matter is interesting (there’s a hint of Little Shop of Horrors with, The Day of the Triffids with, The Body Snatchers). And, because it’s done with subtlety, the implication of the story takes on a different meaning. The outcome is subversive.