Adrian Graham

Jetlag book cover, mayhem in airplane cockpit


Jetlag (1998) is a collection of 5 short graphical stories by Etgar Keret and Actus Comics. It includes some of Keret’s best short stories, brought to life with beautiful colour drawings. The collection takes its name from the story Jetlag: a surreal episode of grotesque debauchery takes place on a transatlantic ‘flight to nowhere’. Nothing really matters because everyone is preoccupied with their orgiastic behaviour, oblivious to the catastrophe that will shortly happen. The flight is chaotic, no one appears to be in charge – the pilots are asleep at the wheel. The narrator, aided by a stewardess, who is madly in love with him, escapes by parachuting from the aircraft (the decompression of his exit probably responsible for bringing down the plane). Later, alone in his hotel room, the narrator laments his loneliness, imagining himself with the other ‘survivors’: being rescued in a dingy and resolutely ‘refusing to wave at the cameras’. In HaTrick, instead of a cute rabbit, a children’s magician produces terrible things out of his magic hat. In Margolis a child’s piggy bank comes to life. A gateway to hell opens up in Passage to Hell, and in The Rumanian Circus a failed romance leads a man run away with a circus monkey.

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