Jack Reacher in First Person

I’m reading Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. To be more precise, I’m reading the ones written in the first person viewpoint: The Enemy, Personal, The Affair, Gone Tomorrow, and Persuader.

I started with the Killing Floor a few years ago (so I’ve done that one), and mistakenly believed that the others had been written in the third person. I’ve read a few of the third person novels including One Shot and Past Tense. The set up at the beginning of One Shot is very well done, and a great example of what a writer can do with the third person that’s impossible with the first person viewpoint.

So, why am I focusing on the first person ones?

I prefer reading novels in the first person viewpoint. I find it more immersive and I like the perspective of being in the protagonist’s head, knowing, and not knowing what they know, or don’t know.

And — maybe — I’m trying to find one I like as much as my favourite, Killing Floor.

The first cold beer at the end of a long hot day is always the best one. The second is never as good. Not even half as good. The same goes for cigarettes. The smoker is forever chasing the buzz they experienced with their first smoke — and never able to fully re-experience.

For me, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor, was that first cold beer at the end of a long day, or that first smoke. You want the same buzz, one more time.