The disaster movie is back with Greenland (2020). In fact it never went away. Netflix seems to be chock full of these disaster and apocalypse stories, most of them produced on tiny budgets with very low production values.

Greenland is on Amazon Prime and the production quality, the acting, the story and special effects are all commendable, way above the average for what you might be expecting. It’s probably unfair to compare it to the plethora of copycat cheapo films on Netflix. It’s more like a lower budget 2012 (2009), but with a less ridiculous story.

In the romantic comedy, the writers do everything possible to keep the two romantic leads apart. In the disaster movie, the writers do everything possible to stop the central characters from getting to safety. This is a meteorites hit earth disaster — the Garrity family must get to safety or die story. You might call it an apocalyptic road movie.

After some initial luck, everything goes wrong for the Garrity family. As you might expect with this genre everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

With a limited budget Greenland does a great job with its special effects.

In 2012 America’s lack of confidence was apparent when the Chinese had to be called in to construct a floating arc. In Greenland the USA is, once again, capable of solving its own problems. But not everyone is going to make it.

The tension and pace are nicely maintained and the Garrity family is easy enough to identify with. It’s not pushing the envelope in any way, but its pressing the right buttons.

Verdict: Interesting.