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I write fiction & blog about books & films. There’s an archive of short stories & photographs. And, I have a creative notepad, of sorts.



‘The Revelation: And a Hundred Other Stories’ is a collection of very short stories with a comically surreal tone. It was published in 2008 as a test project for the micro-press Magic Box Press.

Postcards is a selection of mico-fiction from 2008, which can best be described as surreal nonsense-prose. Nano-Fiction is another collection from 2008, of even shorter one-paragraph fiction. And, Insomnia is a graphical story from 2009, combining minimalist prose with images.


Here’s a selection of black and white images, mostly taken with an iPhone and processed in Lightroom: architecture, art, graffiti, and people. (They’re processed to be optimally viewed on a 4K, or greater, resolution screen.)