Hi. I’m Adrian Graham. I write speculative fiction (science fiction, and fantasy). Here’s my email, should you wish to contact me. Previous updates are listed in the archive.


July 2021

A walk in green and blue. 4 books and a mini-series: The Things They Carried, Dune, Dune (2000), The Day of the Triffids, and Starship Troopers. Nomadland Vs Minari.

June 2021

Creative worlds, and finding inspiration. Simon Stålenhag’s narrative art books. The new Dune. Two hard science fiction novels: I, Robot, and Children of Time. The trivial secrets of the editing process.

May 2021

The writing life. What I’m reading and viewing. Reading stories to a three-year-old. How to relax in a post-pandemic world.

Old projects

Here’s a collection of old projects.

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