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I’m Adrian Graham, content editor, and writer.

I live in Surrey and work in London.

I’ve been writing about stories and storytelling since 2016, developing my ideas. Most of the texts are offline. Some remain available (on this site), plus a selection of new articles produced on a sporadic basis.

Analysis / Books / Culture / Film Vs Film / Films / Reviews / Storytelling / Writing

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The End

It starts with the end. At least that’s how you know you have an exceptional story — thin...

The Beginning

Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. They usually open at the start of this sequence ...

Chinese People in Western Film

Historically, the representation of Chinese people in European and Hollywood cinema tends to veer from: the dangerous ‘ot...

The Coming-of-Age Story in Film

The coming-of-age story chronicles the journey from adolescence to adult. It explores the young person’s changing perception of...